Rose for your Pocket 为你别上一朵红玫瑰

Nov 19, 14 Rose for your Pocket 为你别上一朵红玫瑰
All of us are showered with tender love for many years, and without even knowing it, we are quite happy with that. Only when it has vanished do we awaken with a start. This book, dedicated to all mothers, past, present and future, expresses just how dear and precious our own parents are. It tells us truly how our parents are the most wonderful treasures that we are given.

多年以来, 我们一直徜徉在温暖的母爱的海洋中, 甚至还身在福中不知福, 把一切视为是理所当然的。直到瞬间失去了母亲后,我们才恍然醒悟, 悔不当初。只可惜,这一切都已经太迟了。此书献给所有过去,现在与未来的母亲们,以表诉我们的父母是如何的可敬与珍贵。它真实地告诉我们,父母是我们被给 予最美好的宝藏.

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A Parent’s Love 父母的爱

Nov 18, 14 A Parent’s Love 父母的爱
All parents love their children and want the very best for them. In the stories The Judge and The Mean Prince, we see how deep a parent’s love is, and understand how all parents simply want their children to be well and happy, and for them to grow up to be wholesome and virtuous persons who can be of benefit to others.


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