Buddhism for Beginners

Nov 20, 14 Buddhism for Beginners
Buddhism for Beginners is a book that was used in Singapore schools in the mid 1980s and early 1990s and taught as a curriculum. It covers the basics of Buddhism like the Life & Teaching of the Buddha, Buddhism in Practice, and the Historical Development and spread of Buddhism.

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Tales of the Buddha’s Former Lives Stories 1-50

Nov 19, 14 Tales of the Buddha’s Former Lives Stories 1-50

Tales of the Buddha’s Former Lives is a collection of simple stories written along the line of Aesop’s Fables. Though meant for readers of all ages, they are especially useful to older children and teenagers, as these stories promote and highlight virtuous conduct and good behaviour, especially those human values that contribute to harmony, pleasure and progress.

Stories 1-50

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‘The Buddha’ animated film

Nov 19, 14 ‘The Buddha’ animated film
A great happening on earth takes place in the sixth century before the Common Era – The Birth of Lord Buddha – one of the greatest blessings to mankind. Born into a royal family, the infant is given the name “Siddhartha”. The prediction reveals; either he will become the Great King or the Buddha. Twenty nine years later, the prince leaves the luxuries of the palace and his royal household in quest of cures to the suffering of life. Thus, he decides to abdicate his very throne and finally leaves for ordination.
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Clarifications of Misconceptions on Buddhism

May 25, 10 Clarifications of Misconceptions on Buddhism

This article hopes to rectify the misrepresentations of Buddhism in the online videos which were recently featured in the news.

1. Last Words of the Buddha

The Buddha’s last words were ‘Subject to change are all conditioned things. Strive on with diligence.’ He was urging us to strive on the way (the Noble Eightfold Path) to liberation (Nirvana; enlightenment) that he already discovered, walked and shared.

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