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净土共修 Posted by on Dec 5, 2017

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Issue 40

Issue 40 Posted by on Jan 11, 2018

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怎样克服你的困难 Posted by on Nov 18, 2016

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Issue 38

May 03, 17 Issue 38

无缘大慈, 同体大悲, 简单地说就是 [与乐拔苦]。拔苦是建立在 [同苦] 的基础上, 也就是去感受对方的痛苦, 感同身受。任何生命都是怕死的, 都是希望拥有 [生之快乐] , 而我们人类却把快乐建立在其它生命的痛苦之上。

Everyone goes through ups and downs and all sorts of life situations, such as career or life transitions,
social or relationship crises, personal or emotional disturbances, among other things.

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The Man Who Became An Ox & Other Stories

Jan 16, 17 The Man Who Became An Ox & Other Stories

The Man Who Became An Ox & Other Stories is a collection of fascinating, highly readable stories gathered from classical Buddhist texts and teachings of renowned teachers. It shares the Buddha’s teachings of cause and effect, gratitude, love and compassion, honesty, generosity, virtue and wisdom. Highly recommended for readers seeking to elevate their mind!

[Awaken Publishing ~ English]

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