Benny Learns to Share

Nov 07, 17 Benny Learns to Share

Do you have a toddler who refuses to share? Then read this story to your little one.

In Benny Learns to Share, we introduce the concept that sharing is caring to preschoolers.

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Thank You Mr Cleaner

Nov 07, 17 Thank You Mr Cleaner

Irrespective of gender, age or culture, every being yearns to be valued by others. One earns respect by giving respect to others.

In this simple story for preschoolers, we demonstrate the virtue of treating others with respect and appreciation regardless of their profession.

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Issue 39

Sep 12, 17 Issue 39


Thrive in the Age of Disruption with our Simple Guide to Life
The world is getting increasingly smaller. We live in an age where we have to face disruptions on multiple levels in our lives. The Buddha taught, change is the only constant in life, thus finding opportunities and being equipped with the skills to deal with disruption is far more practical and crucial for our peace of mind than resisting the change that has developed.

[Awaken Publishing ~ English]

[Pujue Publishing ~ Chinese]

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The Stories About The Foremost Elder Nuns

Aug 15, 17 The Stories About The Foremost Elder Nuns

The Stories About The Foremost Elder Nuns comprises stories of the elder nuns during the Buddha’s time. Translated from the Commentary to the Numerical Discourses, they demonstrate that the women with very different backgrounds – both fortunate and unfortunate – were capable of attaining the highest aim in life when given the right teaching at the right time.

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The Hungry Kitten and Another Story

Aug 04, 17 The Hungry Kitten and Another Story

The Hungry Kitten and Another Story is a bilingual book containing two easy-to-read stories that teach preschoolers the importance of love and respect for others.

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Issue 38

May 03, 17 Issue 38

无缘大慈, 同体大悲, 简单地说就是 [与乐拔苦]。拔苦是建立在 [同苦] 的基础上, 也就是去感受对方的痛苦, 感同身受。任何生命都是怕死的, 都是希望拥有 [生之快乐] , 而我们人类却把快乐建立在其它生命的痛苦之上。

Everyone goes through ups and downs and all sorts of life situations, such as career or life transitions,
social or relationship crises, personal or emotional disturbances, among other things.

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