Issue 40

Jan 11, 18 Issue 40

如何活得有趣? 佛化家庭与美满婚姻 体验精进料理 修学佛法的次第与方法。

The digital age brings with it emerging technologies that transform and disrupt the way people live, work and play. The advent of Artificial Intelligence is prompting deep introspection on the nature of life. Can the human mind or consciousness, in time to come, be replicated in AI? Read this and more in this issue of the Awaken magazine.

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Issue 39

Sep 12, 17 Issue 39


Thrive in the Age of Disruption with our Simple Guide to Life
The world is getting increasingly smaller. We live in an age where we have to face disruptions on multiple levels in our lives. The Buddha taught, change is the only constant in life, thus finding opportunities and being equipped with the skills to deal with disruption is far more practical and crucial for our peace of mind than resisting the change that has developed.

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[Pujue Publishing ~ Chinese]

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Issue 38

May 03, 17 Issue 38

无缘大慈, 同体大悲, 简单地说就是 [与乐拔苦]。拔苦是建立在 [同苦] 的基础上, 也就是去感受对方的痛苦, 感同身受。任何生命都是怕死的, 都是希望拥有 [生之快乐] , 而我们人类却把快乐建立在其它生命的痛苦之上。

Everyone goes through ups and downs and all sorts of life situations, such as career or life transitions,
social or relationship crises, personal or emotional disturbances, among other things.

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Issue 37

Jan 09, 17 Issue 37


Programming Joy into Our Lives Singaporean Chade-Meng Tan, an ex-Google engineer, shares how he spread the seeds of joy and meditation all over the world.

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[Pujue Publishing ~ Chinese]

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Issue 36

Sep 23, 16 Issue 36

给我一颗感激的心, 让我在未失去时就懂得珍惜

Everything that is born, will age and die one day
Learn to appreciate what you have
before time makes you appreciate
what you had.

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[Awaken Publishing ~ Chinese]

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Issue 35

May 23, 16 Issue 35

心静如水, 智慧如花
只有心地清净慈悲柔和 才能盛开

Heart as calm as water / Wisdom like the flowery blossoms
Only when the heart is pure, kind, compassionate and soft
Can the wisdom of perfect understanding blossom like beautiful flowers.

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