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Introduction to Buddhism 佛教简介

Introduction to  Buddhism 佛教简介 Posted by on Jan 27, 2014

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Issue 29

Issue 29 Posted by on May 2, 2014

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怎样克服你的困难 Posted by on Jul 16, 2014

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Jul 16, 14 开阔心,清净心



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Queen Moonlight & Other Royal Stories 月光王后以及其他王室的故事

Jul 16, 14 Queen Moonlight & Other Royal Stories 月光王后以及其他王室的故事
A useful book for all parents and teachers to impart values to the young ones, this collection of eight inspiring and entertaining stories retold from The Jataka Tales and various Buddhist sources will enchant and educate children at the same time. Touching on the virtues of love, kindness, gratitude, purity, harmlessness, respect, virtue and filial piety, these royal stories reveal the wisdom of the Buddha and the importance of moral cultivation.

对家长和老师来说,这是一本值得推荐的教育书籍,它能够协助传达正确的价值观给我们 的下一代。书中的创作源自佛教经典故事,题材激励人心之余,也不失阅读的趣味性。这些故事让我们探知佛陀的智慧,感受 生命的爱、善良、感恩、纯洁、无伤害、尊重、美德和孝道的素质。

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