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Introduction to Buddhism 佛教简介

Introduction to  Buddhism 佛教简介 Posted by on Jan 27, 2014

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Issue 33

Issue 33 Posted by on Sep 25, 2015

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The Life of the Victorious Buddha

The Life of the Victorious Buddha Posted by on Nov 20, 2014

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Issue 33

Sep 25, 15 Issue 33



Since the time of the scientific revolution till today, many people have considered science to be synonymous with knowledge. Typically, what is a gain to science is a loss to religion. Yet, the reverse is true for Buddhism.

Over the past century, mounting scientific evidence has demonstrated the effectiveness of Buddhist meditation for everyone, regardless of race and religion, particularly mindfulness meditation in fostering peace of mind and happiness; and validated the compatibility between Buddhism and science (pg 38, 42 and 63). This prompted Time magazine to feature “The Mindful Revolution” as its cover story.

To understand the practice of mindfulness, arm yourself with more resources by downloading apps or reading books on mindfulness meditation (pg 65 & 71).

On page 48, Dr B Alan Wallace highlights the known parallels of the twin poles of the reality spectrum—the outer vacuum of physical science and the inner vacuum of contemplative science.

Then on page 47, read how the scientific spirit of enquiry has influenced Chee Kok Tong’s learning and understanding of the Dharma.

While the insights of science can help us to improve our world, it is only spiritual values and concern that can show us the path we should walk in life.

The Dharma is an invaluable system that can inspire everyone to actualise a wholesome and meaningful life. “Everything is borne from our mind, so we are directly responsible for our lives; it is entirely our own choice whether we want to live a purposeful, fulfilling and happy life or otherwise,” said Dato’ Dr GK Ananda Kumaraseri (pg 44).

Elsewhere in this issue, Ajahn Sumedho spoke on the significance of patipatta (pg 55), while Ven Thubten Chodron and Russell Kolts clarify the importance of making time for practice each day (pg 40). Read also about the profundity of the mind on page 64.

Happy reading.
– Editor’s Note


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Mid-Autumn Festival: Significance of Full Moons

The Buddha’s birth, renunciation, enlightenment, first turning of the wheel as well as final passing away all took place on full moon days. On these days, it is popular for Buddhists to recall the Buddha’s teachings, practice meditations and keep the five precepts.

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