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Introduction to Buddhism 佛教简介

Introduction to  Buddhism 佛教简介 Posted by on Jan 27, 2014

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Issue 31

Issue 31 Posted by on Jan 6, 2015

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The Life of the Victorious Buddha

The Life of the Victorious Buddha Posted by on Nov 20, 2014

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Mar 02, 15 佛陀传记


本教材是根据新加坡课程发展署所编写的《佛学》改编而成。内容以释迦牟尼佛的一生为主轴:从出生- 童年 – 青少年 – 出家 – 证悟的过程,并透过有趣的故事、浅显的文字、汉语拼音,以及精美的版面设计和图片,述说佛陀的一生和佛法的基本概念。

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3 Refuges & 5 Precepts | 三皈五戒

Taking refuge means relying wholeheartedly on the Three Jewels of the Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha to inspire and guide us toward a constructive and beneficial direction in our lives. Precepts are a joy, not a burden. They aren’t designed to keep us from having a good time and to make us feel deprived. The purpose of taking precepts is to give us internal strength so that we won’t act in ways that we don’t want to.
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